the Wedding issue

Always A BRIDESMAID words Maggie Robert and Alessandra Madrid

W e’ve both stood in and attended a lot of weddings in our 27 and 26 years of living. A lot. Don’t get us wrong — weddings, eternal happiness and all of that jazz are beautiful things that we both hope to have one day. Not to mention open bar and cake! I mean, weddings (in general) rock. But being in the bridal party is, let’s just say, not always as glamorous as it looks when you are a little girl. So, what’s the worst part of being in the bridal party? Besides the other bridesmaids? Kidding! (Kind of.) I mean, let’s be real. There are always one or two friends that are particularly obsessed with being the better bridesmaid. And there are always girls who promise to “mail you a check”

—aka will never pay you back— for that $100 round of shots during the bachelorette. (Hey! I bet this very issue was the inspiration for those digital payment apps like Venmo.) Then there’s the people constantly inquiring about your love life. Constantly. Of course, this goes on at the wedding too. There’s nothing worse than people either asking you why you’re single or when you plan on getting married. I mean, maybe we have other priorities at the moment, Karen?! Career, health insurance, a 401k … a woman can dream in 2018, right? We are only in our 20s, after all. Remember that scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary when the smug married person asked Bridget why there were so many, many

unmarried women in their 30s? I loved her reply: “Suppose it doesn’t help that underneath our clothes our entire bodies are covered in scales.” Not to mention, being a bridesmaid or just being included in a friend or family member’s wedding festivities is such a commitment. Your social calendar is suddenly filled with celebrations for other people. Call me selfish, but why can’t people celebrate us single gals once in a while? Why do there need to be so many parties these days? Engagement parties, couple’s showers, stock-the-bar parties, bridesmaid’s showers, just to name a few. The worst are lingerie parties. It’s always super awkward because the mom and mother-in-law-to-be




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