We have become jadedwith the stereotypical bachelorette party. It probably doesn’t help when you live in a city where you see several on-the-prowl bachelorette groups trotting around your neighborhood each weekend, in addition to those bachelorettes that you actually have to attend yourself. The sashes, the crowns, the X-rated straws; it’s all so tacky and overdone. It can definitely be fun when people get more creative and original with these ideas, though. We went to one where everyone was asked to wear a different colored wig. Maybe it’s the New Orleans girls in us, but we love a good excuse to wear a wig. It feels like you are in disguise for the night, and no one knows what your group is really up to … ;) One of our friends had to buy a hot pink dress for the bachelorette party. That was super extra. Hot pink is not a flattering color on anyone . And that’s not the kind of dress you are going to want hanging in your closet. So, that’s another thing you are going to buy to wear just one time. Now, let’s talk about the brides …The brides can get a little crazy with their rules these days. In a wedding one of us was in last year, we got an email two weeks prior saying that we couldn’t wear red lipstick, and our nails and toenails had to be a neutral color. Oh, and the bride was wearing her hair down so we all had to wear our hair up. Period. God forbid you look hotter than the bride. We’re not saying this happens every single time, but what’s with the unflattering colors and weirdly covered-up dresses? There is nothing worse than being a bridesmaid at a beach wedding while wearing a million layers of tulle. You might rationalize, telling yourself, okay, at least the professional photos will be nice. Wrong.The dress made you sweat so much that you’ll spend a solid hour untagging yourself from any pictures that might have made it onto Facebook. The worst part, hands down, is the expense. We’ve both paid for designer bridesmaid dresses that we’ll never wear again. And maid of honor dresses that belong in Great- Grandma’s closet. And you’d think it all ends once you send that $350+ check for your dress. Nope, next come $100+ in alterations and tons of time being spent at fittings. By the time we are 30, we will each have a closet full of gowns that don’t really go with our skin tone or cover our back fat.

We have had to travel out of the city — even out of the country — for several recent weddings. Last year almost all of my vacation days were devoted to weddings: I went to San Antonio, Acapulco, Roatán, and Tegucigalpa.Thankfully, I’m a seasoned travel bargain hunter, but these destination weddings have cost me at least $1,500 each. As travel junkies, we really don’t mind the travel part. But, it’s not as fun when you don’t get to pick the city or beach town you’re traveling to. Not to mention, there’s the added stress of transportation, who is doing your hair and makeup (will you even like it?), traveling with formal dresses and mandatory white outfits for the welcome cocktails … the list is never-ending. If you thought only brides get to wear white during their wedding weekend, you’re very wrong. The new thing is having all of your guests wear white, and then the bride walks in in the most extravagant jumper or gown in a scandalous color. We have got to hand it to these brides — smart move to stand out in every single photo that weekend.Do we hate having to buy white outfit after white outfit? Yes. Will we have a white party when we get married? Probably. Let’s be real.Once you add up the cost of the dress, the bridal shower presents, the travel for the bridal showers, the bachelorette trip, the lingerie party, the stripper (gross), the hair, the makeup, and the flights and hotels for the actual event, you’ll realize you’ll be eating red beans and rice until you pay off that credit card. But hey, love is a beautiful thing, and we’ll continue to celebrate those lucky people who have found their soulmates. We just might complain about it a little here and there. Cheers to wedding season, y’all! BABES & BEIGNETS is a New Orleans-based multimedia lifestyle brand founded by Maggie Robert and Alessandra Madrid. Babes & Beignets covers drinks, dining, travel, fashion, networking, dating and everything in between. Learn more at babesandbeignets.com, and follow their journey on Instagram (@babesandbeignets), Facebook (/babesandbeignets) and Twitter (@beignetbabes).

are there. Hey, Mom, what do you think of this sexy little number? Not to mention, what is it with inviting parents and in-laws to the bachelor and bachelorette parties? It’s super uncomfortable for everyone else there, even if there are no strippers. Talk about a buzz kill. And you’re expected to bring a gift to every party. Come the actual wedding, you’re expected to get yet another gift for the happy couple. I have a friendof a friendwho ismarrying a super Southern guy. He’s a great guy, but of course he comes with a huge family.The wedding is at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, and I kid you not, there have been eight parties. Eight! How much stuff do you need?



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