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Very basic but heavy wrapping paper provides the perfect base for Bryan Batt’s flights of fancy that range from splendid, to grand, to comical and over the top. Part costume, part set design, his creations feature layers of ribbon on top of more ribbon and stacks of whimsical flourishes easily found at a good craft and sundries shop. Think a little bit of haute couture meets a lot of the cat in the hat. I recall a project in the 1st grade that involved wrapping a gift and my imagi- nation took over. It was theatrical and creative and my teacher was very encouraging. I’ve wrapped that way ever since, moving from Elmer’s paste to a hot glue gun. I collect bits of ribbon, buttons and beads all year long and when it’s time to wrap, I bring the containers out and go to town. No two ever look the same.

Presenting a Collection of Fine Timepieces Consisting of Classic Vintage & Estate Watches as Well as Fine Swiss Timepieces and Fashion Watches .

wrapping paper and ribbon available at hazelnut 5525 Magazine Street | New Orleans

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