get away

week end

By katy danos | styled by emily engberg + nicole kaitz

H ow to pack for summer's three-day weekends and overnight road trips is an acquired skill worth honing. Aim to be that girl who travels light and travels right. By paring down to the key essentials, you'll not only have everything you need for a fun-filled warm weather weekend, you'll keep your cool when the heat index rises. Keep the focus on comfort and maintenance low; at the drop of a hat, you'll be out the door and ready to go. For the Beach Bum For a core pack list, invest in a good pair of sunglasses, an all-in-one-makeup palette, a hard-working sunscreen, and some carefree summer jewelry that plays nicely with others. For the beach, staying hydrated is key, so tote your own water bottle along with your favorite swimsuit, flip flops, and cover up/out to dinner dress. Tuck a little tube of bronzing lotion in a cosmetic pouch that can double as a clutch and wear your healthy glow as your number one accessory.



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