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Discover Douglasville, formerly Visit Douglasville, has undergone a transformative journey, marked by a comprehensive rebranding initiative aimed at establishing a distinctive identity. The evolution from "Visit Douglasville" to "Discover Douglasville" not only sounds fresh but also reflects our renewed focus and direction. This rebranding effort included the creation of a compelling logo and brand that resonates with our target audience. As part of our commitment to providing valuable information, we proudly unveiled an award-winning visitors guide in 2023. Utilizing data analysis from Placer.AI, we gained valuable insights into our target markets, allowing us to tailor our strategies more effectively. A significant milestone in our journey was the addition of a key team member, a Marketing and Events Coordinator, reinforcing our commitment to excellence as a destination marketing organization. Our social media landscape has experienced remarkable growth, reflecting a strategic shift in our content strategy. We've revitalized our blog content and are in the process of launching a Mobile Visitors Center and a downtown photo booth, providing interactive touchpoints for our community and visitors alike. Our presence was prominently featured in Reunion Magazine, showcasing our reunion workshop, and we successfully advertised in the Georgia State Parks Ad with our new brand, expanding our reach and visibility. Looking forward, we have ambitious plans, including a new website, increased ad placements, and a range of marketing collateral updates to align with our refreshed brand and stay committed to providing comprehensive resources for residents, visitors, and planners. Community engagement and building partnerships remains at the core of our marketing plan, and our efforts have been recognized through speaking engagements with various groups, including the Rotary Club, retired educators, the Sweetwater Camera Club, and as featured speakers at the 2023 Georgia Downtown Association Conference. Plans to implement grant programs, host a Hospitality Mixer, and kickstart our Ambassador Program are underway, aligning with our commitment to increasing community engagement and exposure. Discover Douglasville's strategic marketing plan reflects a commitment to growth, innovation, and community engagement, positioning us as a dynamic destination with a unique and compelling story to tell.

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FY 23-24 Year in Review

The Douglasville CVB unveiled a collection of vibrant and captivating postcard designs, available for purchase and complimentary distribution from the welcome center, showcasing the city's unique charm and attractions. NEW POSTCARDS ACHIEVEMENTS 23-24 In collaboration with Accent Creative Group, we have revamped the window cling at the state VIC in Tallapoosa, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with our brand identity. This eye-catching update not only reflects our essence but also serves as an inviting prompt for visitors to explore Douglasville after their stop at the state visitors center. NEW TALLAPOOSA WINDOW CLING Our team recently welcomed a Marketing and Events Coordinator, whose invaluable contributions have significantly enhanced our efficiency. With streamlining operations and effectively dividing responsibilities across sales, marketing, and visitor services support, the new positions have not only improved workflow but have positively impacted our team culture. Revamping our social media strategy, we've incorporated a dynamic mix of images, videos, and original content, along with engaging spotlights on our partners. This strategic shift has led to an exponential growth in our social media presence, allowing us to connect more effectively with our audience, build partnerships, and showcase the vibrant essence of our offerings. We are eager to introduce a photobooth downtown as part of our initiative to boost foot traffic, generate income to support tourism-related projects, and offer a delightful experience for residents and visitors of all ages and backgrounds, contributing to the vibrancy and appeal of our downtown area. APPROVAL FOR DOWNTOWN PHOTOBOOTH NEW SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY NEW POSITION - MARKETING & EVENTS COORDINATOR




In 2022-2023, the CVB underwent a comprehensive rebranding initiative aimed at establishing a distinctive identity. The evolution from "Visit Douglasville" to "Discover Douglasville" not only sounds fresh but also reflects our renewed focus and direction. This rebranding effort included the creation of a compelling logo and brand that resonates with our target audience. As part of our commitment to providing valuable information, we proudly unveiled an award-winning visitors guide in 2023.



FY 24-25 Marketing & Advertising Strategy

In 2024, our overarching goals include a sustained focus on elevating brand exposure, leveraging data-driven strategies to target specific markets through advertising, and enhancing the retail experience at the Welcome Center . Additionally, we aim to establish a Mobile Visitors Center. Aligned with our mission, these objectives are geared towards introducing our new brand to a broader audience, intensifying advertising efforts, fostering robust partnerships, bolstering community engagement, and ultimately boosting Welcome Center traffic for a comprehensive and impactful outreach. GOALS

Continue Increasing Brand Exposure / Update Collateral to Match New Brand

Goal 1:

Goal 2:

Utilize Data to Advertise to Target Markets

Increase Welcome Center Retail & Establish Mobile Visitors Center

Goal 3:

Goal 4:

Continue Building Strong Partnerships



Goal 1: Continue Increasing Brand Exposure / Update Collateral


In our pursuit of elevating brand exposure, we are undertaking a comprehensive update of our existing collateral to seamlessly align with our new brand identity. Additionally, we are crafting new, engaging materials, including a dining guide, restaurant rack card, and a meeting planner guide. By actively increasing our presence in Welcome Center retail spaces, persistently implementing our dynamic social media strategy, and participating as guest speakers at public events, we aim to reach a wider audience. Our goal is to educate individuals on the Douglasville CVB, emphasizing Douglasville as a vibrant tourism destination, and solidifying the pivotal role the CVB plays in enhancing the experiences of both residents and visitors.


Dining Guide/Restaurant Rack Card To enhance the visitor experience when seeking dining options in Douglasville, we will produce both a restaurant rack card and a comprehensive dining guide, ensuring easy access to information while staying at our hotels and visiting

Completing Website Redesign We are committed to completing our website redesign to align with our new brand, elevate the user experience for visitors, and solidify our position as the premier hub for comprehensive visitor and destination information in Douglasville. Meeting Planner/Venue Guide We will develop a comprehensive venue guide to serve as an invaluable resource for event planners and individuals seeking to host a variety of gatherings, including conferences, weddings, and group events, in Douglasville.

our town. This collateral will also strengthen partnerships with our restaurants and eateries.


We are dedicated to ongoing networking and educational

initiatives to amplify community engagement, increase exposure, and educate individuals about the role of our CVB and the array of services we provide, empowering us to shape and control the narrative of Douglasville as a tourist destination.



Goal 2: Utilize Data to Assist in Advertising Efforts As we continue to increase and maintain awareness of Douglasville as an affordable and accessible Southeast destination, we will focus our strategy on reaching our target at every point of the travel purchase funnel to achieve sustained brand awareness. Various tactical approaches, including paid advertising, marketing partnerships, email marketing, content marketing and social media will achieve this. Our goal of leveraging data in advertising is powered by strategic insights gathered from sources such as Placer.AI, Google Analytics, and Explore Georgia reports. By harnessing this data, we aim to maximize the efficiency of our advertising budget, optimizing ad placements for targeted impact and ensuring a well-rounded and effective outreach to our varied audience segments.

Social Media Advertising Spend Our goals for social media advertising spend are focused on leveraging the momentum gained from the monumental growth experienced between 2022 and 2024, including increased follower counts, page interactions, and engagement. By strategically allocating advertising spend and diversifying content across multiple platforms, we anticipate further growth in our social media presence. We are actively exploring opportunities to collaborate with influencers as part of our strategy to expand our reach on social media and capitalize on the momentum of our growing following, leveraging their platforms to amplify our message and engage with a broader audience. Print/Digital Advertising We are currently exploring various avenues for increased print and digital advertising to amplify brand exposure, considering diverse target markets such as meetings and groups, leisure travel, sports publications, and more. Our goal is to diversify our ad spend strategically, ensuring maximum reach and impact across multiple audience segments.


Expedia Campaign

SEO/SEM We are actively exploring the opportunity of launching an Expedia campaign aimed at fostering stronger relationships with hoteliers, obtaining comprehensive data on our properties, and strategically advertising on Expedia to drive increased visitation and occupancy rates, ultimately benefiting our partner hotels in Douglasville and contributing to our overall mission. We are in the process of exploring the utilization of SEO/SEM techniques to optimize our website redesign. Through a strategic SEO/SEM campaign, we aim to enhance the visibility of our new website on search engine result pages, both through paid advertising and organic search, thus promoting Douglasville as a top destination for visitors.



Goal 2: Utilize Data to Assist in Advertising Efforts

Market Analysis

Most of our visitors are coming from the Southeast Georgia is currently our heaviest-hitting market (drive market) Most of our visitors fall within mid-range of HHI 1-2 Days is the avg. nightly stay in Douglasville, 4 times greater than a 3-7 day stay (can focus on weekend getaways, overnight stays, short trips) Summer is the busiest time of the year for visitors with winter being our least busiest time of the year for visitors We have core feeder markets that Discover Douglasville can put a large focus on that rank high in visitation data. These markets have a high importance on maintaining brand recognition and capturing travelers to Metro Atlanta communities. They include:

Atlanta - Sandy Springs - Alpharetta = .12M


Birmingham-Hoover, AL = 18K Memphis, TN-MS-AR = 11.6K

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

New York-Newark-Jersey City = 11.2K Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC = 10K Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro, TN = 8.8K Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX = 8.8K

Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL = 8.6K

Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC = 8.5K

Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL = 8.2K


Compared to our Top 10 feeder markets, we have other states that are showing up higher in visitation data and offer potential growth opportunities . They could include:

Virginia | California | Illinois | Ohio | Maryland | Michigan | Kentucky | Pennsylvania | Indiana | District of Columbia (DC)



Goal 3: Increase Welcome Center Retail & Establish Mobile Visitors Center

Focusing on our goal to enhance Welcome Center retail and introduce a Mobile Visitors Center, we aim to address the retail gap in Douglasville, particularly in the downtown area. By strategically positioning the welcome center as a retail hub, we anticipate increased foot traffic, fostering both brand exposure and community engagement. The establishment of a Mobile Visitors Center further reinforces our commitment to meeting people where they are, creating opportunities to showcase our brand, sell retail items, and actively participate in events, thus expanding our reach and deepening community connections.


Welcome Center as a Retail Hub To boost retail sales at the Welcome Center and pave the way for retail offerings in our upcoming Mobile Visitors Center, we are strategically introducing curated items, such as the limited edition Valentine's cup, while continuously aligning our inventory with current trends to maximize purchase opportunities. This initiative not only fills a downtown retail gap in Douglasville but also enhances visitor experiences and promotes local engagement with our destination. Incorporating initiatives to boost foot traffic at the Welcome Center will not only increase our visibility and reach but also provide us with more opportunities to engage with both residents and visitors, share the unique attractions and hidden gems of Douglasville, and continue telling our compelling story to a wider audience. Welcome Center Foot Traffic

Extended Hours for Events To further enhance the role of our Welcome Center, we will implement extended operating hours for events. This proactive approach not only increases community exposure but also fosters greater interaction, providing residents and visitors alike with more opportunities to engage with our destination. Mobile Visitors Center The launch of our Mobile Visitors Center enables us to connect with individuals directly, meeting them where they are and extending our community reach. This initiative strengthens partnerships, fosters greater engagement, and amplifies our presence in the community, ensuring that Douglasville's unique offerings are accessible to all.



Goal 4: Continue Building Strong Partnerships

In 2024, our commitment to building strong partnerships remains unwavering, serving as a cornerstone of our mission. We will actively nurture these relationships through ongoing spotlights, guest speaking engagements, and prominently featuring partners in our collateral materials. Additionally, we will officially launch our Ambassador Program to foster deeper connections within the community. Strengthening partnerships not only amplifies our collective impact but also reinforces our dedication to collaborative growth and success.


Guest Speaking Opportunities

Tourism Ambassador Program We are committed to continuing our proactive approach by embracing guest speaking opportunities to educate both our local community and regional groups on the vital impact and significance of tourism, as well as the essential role and functions of the CVB, further strengthening awareness and support for our destination. The official launch of the Tourism Ambassador Program will significantly expand our reach, equipping community members, hospitality professionals, real estate agents, and others with the necessary tools to understand the profound impact of tourism on our community, as well as providing insight into the assets and attractions we highlight to visitors and planners, fostering greater awareness and engagement.

Social Media Spotlights

We are strategically planning to maintain our production of social media spotlights, leveraging them not only to showcase the hidden gems and attractions within Douglasville but also to fortify our partnerships, fostering collaboration and amplifying the allure of our destination across various platforms. Partner Portal As part of our website redesign initiative, we are actively working on building a comprehensive partner portal, providing our partners with a dedicated platform where they can easily access information, connect with us, explore opportunities for involvement, and collaborate on initiatives, enhancing communication and synergy within our community.






GACVB Annual Conference Cartersville, GA | Jan 29th - 31st Southeast Festivals & Events Jekyll Island, GA | Feb 11th - 14th

STS SMPR Forum/Domestic Showcase * Little Rock, AR | March 19-20 / March 20-23rd African American Traveler Conference* Chesapeake, VA | April 16th-18th

STS Marketing College Macon, GA | June 2nd-7th

US Travel Association ESTO Columbus, OH | Aug 10th-13th AMA-GMOA-SCMA Motorcoach* Tuscaloosa, AL | July 21st-24th

Sports ETA 4S Summit* Chattanooga, TN | Nov 12th-14th Small Market Meetings Conference* St George, Utah | Sept 25-27th Georgia Governor’s Tourism Conference Atlanta, GA | Sept 15th-18th STS Connections Annual Conference Auburn, AL | Sept 9th-11th

*Indicates a need for approval





Small business community How we promote small businesses Unique dining experiences Proximity to Atlanta Filming locations Downtown (picturesque)

Great community events Niche interests within the

community Accessibility Parks and Recreation inventory and relationship Sweetwater Creek State Park Budget

Free Parking Amphitheater Passionate employees Collaborative partnerships Arts & Culture


Number of unique activities Downtown - lacks foot traffic, individuality & a viable option for businesses Not having a hotel in downtown Lack of nightlife Inconsistent business hours - not many places are open Sunday - Tuesday Hotel inventory RV Dumping Graphic Design OPPORTUNITIES

Filming - Lions Gate opening Douglasville Conference Center Legacy Arena Douglas County Museum of History & Art

Industry Partners RFP’s Being invited to the table more Certified Autism Destination Bringing more Group Travel

Could use more unique events Expanding the Fence Gallery Regional collaboration

THREATS Relationship with DCTT Negative perception about Douglasville Resident sentiment People not understanding the CVB’s potential




Final Notes & Thoughts

As we reflect on our previous year and look ahead to the future, Discover Douglasville's strategic marketing plan serves as a beacon guiding us towards continued success and growth. The year 2023 was a testament to our commitment to excellence, marked by significant achievements and milestones and centered around a strategic rebranding. Looking forward to 2024-25, our focus remains steadfast on enhancing brand exposure and ensuring our marketing collateral aligns seamlessly with our refreshed identity. By leveraging data-driven insights, we are poised to deliver targeted advertising campaigns that resonate with our key markets, maximizing our reach and impact. In our pursuit of excellence, we are dedicated to enhancing visitor experiences through the expansion of our Welcome Center retail offerings and the establishment of a Mobile Visitors Center, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all. Central to our strategy is the cultivation of strong partnerships, fostering collaborative efforts to elevate our destination's profile and drive visitation to Douglasville, Georgia. Through active engagement in tradeshows and conferences, we are committed to staying abreast of industry trends and best practices, positioning us at the forefront of the tourism landscape. Our marketing plan is not merely a document but a dynamic roadmap that evaluates our past successes and charts a course for future achievements. With clear goals in sight, we are poised to realize our vision of becoming the most effective destination marketer, driving visitation and fostering a vibrant community in Douglasville, Georgia. Together, we embark on this journey with passion, determination, and a shared commitment to excellence.




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