VOL. 20 NO. 2

My Dirty Little Secret By Kathy Kuzava, GFIA President

C an I let you in on a l it t le se- cret? I do not l ike pol it ics. That’s r ight, the person you hi red to lead the Georgia Food Indust ry Asso- ciat ion and represent you at the capitol doesn’t l ike pol it ics-espe- cia l ly when things get ugly. And r ight now, things a re ugly. A few yea rs ago, I wrote a col- umn ent it led “A Divided Geor- gia”. I ta lked about the close governor’s race between Repub- l ican Br ian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams. (Governor Kemp won by less than 55,000 votes.) I wrote about Georgia’s electorate being a lmost equa l ly divided on the best di rect ion for the state, and how it wi l l be di f f icult to reconci le di f ferences. Just two yea rs later, Georgia’s recent president ia l elect ion has

const ituents who want safe

St rong” program has generated the suppor t of so many companies. Our members, la rge and sma l l, have donated to this campa ign, and we cont inue to add new sponsors every week. (see pages 14-15 for sponsors as of 12/15) We cont inue to look out for your companies, br inging you the latest informat ion on the pandemic, which cont inues to af fect our workforce. We have advocated that our indust ry be included in the ea rly phases of vaccine ava i labi l ity to protect our employees and keep food ava i lable to the consumers. I wish a l l of you a very happy New Yea r. We look forwa rd to seeing you in person in 2021! Legislative Preview... Page 2 New State Leadership ..... Page 3 Georgians Receive Vaccine ........... Page 5 On the Road with GFIA............... Page 10 -11 Supermarket Strong.............. Page 14 - 15 GFIA Events... Page 17- 19 GFIA Member News Page 20 - 21 Education Foundation ..... Page 22 - 25 INSIDE This Edition

been decided by less than 12,000 votes. Georgia is

neighborhoods, good schools, access to qua l ity hea lthca re and a growing economy with good employment oppor tunit ies. There wi l l be passionate disagreements on cer ta in issues, but most everyone is civi l

now at the epicenter of the nat ion’s pol it- ica l at tent ion, with Georgia’s U.S. Senate elect ion r un-of fs determining cont rol of the Senate. By the t ime you read this column, the elect ions

to each other. In fact, most laws a re passed by a bipa r t isan group of legislators. Something has changed over the last severa l yea rs and I don’t think it is for the bet ter. Everyone has the r ight to disagree st rongly on a pol icy decision, but when I see threats to ha rd work ing legislators and state of f icia ls (somet imes coming f rom even thei r own pol it ica l pa r t ies), I be- l ieve it has gone too fa r. I f this is pol it ics, who wi l l want to r un for of f ice in the future? Not me! I may not enjoy the pol it ics of negat ive campa igns and pol it ica l inf ight ing, but I DO love repre- sent ing this f ine indust ry. I could never imagine lobbying for any other group. Legislators may be divided on many issues, but they a re in tota l agreement that the grocery indust ry has stepped up dur ing the pandemic to take ca re of ALL customers, rega rdless of thei r pol it ica l pa r ty! Besides tak ing ca re of thei r customers, GFIA members a lso stepped up to the plate to suppor t the associat ion, even when our fund-ra ising events were can- cel led this yea r. On beha l f of our very ha rd-work ing staf f, we a re humbled that our “Superma rket

and the onslaught of commercia ls, ca l ls and ma i l ings may be over. Whatever the result, our state, and our count ry, a re more divided than ever. Here’s something you may f ind sur pr ising. From what I have seen in the past, most legislators get a long just f ine, rega rdless of pa r ty af f i l iat ion. They may disagree on how to get the results, but every legislator represents

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“The Voice of the Food Industry in Georgia”

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