Honey Sage “Clucktail”

Bourbon Pumpkin Smash Cocktail

Bourbon Pecan Pie Cocktail WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 1 ounce bourbon 1½ ounces praline pecan liqueur ½ ounce vodka HOW TO PREP: Combine in an ice-filled shaker, and shake. Strain into a rocks glass over ice; garnish with pecans as desired.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 1½ ounces honey sage simple syrup (recipe below) 2 ounces bourbon 1½ ounces freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 lemon peel, for garnish 1-2 sage leaves, for garnish

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 1 ounce pumpkin spice simple syrup (recipe below) 2 ounces bourbon ¼ ounce fresh lemon juice 1 ounce soda water Pumpkin pie spice, for the rim Lemon peel, for garnish HOW TO PREP: Moisten and rim the glass in pumpkin pie spice. Combine the pumpkin spice syrup, bourbon, and lemon juice together in a shaker. Shake well. Strain into pumpkin pie spice-rimmed glass over ice. Top with soda water; garnish with lemon peel. PUMPKIN SPICE SIMPLE SYRUP 8 ounces pumpkin puree, 1 cup water, 1 cup granulated sugar, ½ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice Bring all ingredients to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Let sit for 15 minutes. Remove from heat. Rest for 15 minutes. Cool completely in an air-tight container. ​

HOW TO PREP: Combine honey sage simple syrup,

bourbon and lemon juice in an ice-filled shaker, and shake. Strain into ice-filled Old-Fashioned glass; garnish with a twist of lemon and sage leaves.

HONEY SAGE SIMPLE SYRUP ¼ cup water, ¼ cup honey 5 fresh sage leaves, stems removed

Bring the water, honey and sage to a boil in a pot over medium-high heat. Reduce to low and simmer for 3 minutes. Turn off heat and let cool before use.


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