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[TOP] No. 12 Bobby Hebert, Northwestern State [LEFT] No. 77 Ed Orgeron, Northwestern State

speak to Bill?’ and he said, ‘Bill just got a job at Louisiana Tech.’ I said, ‘Y’all got a GA job open?’ He asked me if I wanted it and I said, ‘Hell yeah.’ I’d met him one time. He knew me through Bill. Psssssssh, down to Miami I went. How ’bout that? BOBBY: How hard is the transition from assistant to head coach? Everybody wants to be a head coach. You should aspire to that. Now, sometimes, it doesn’t work out like that. You look at Wade Phillips; he’s Bums son, he’s an outstanding defensive coordinator, I think a Hall of Fame defensive coordinator, but maybe not a head coach. You got the head coach job at Ole Miss ...

COACH O: I learned this aggressive, get-after-it style of coaching at Miami. I brought that to USC and Pete Carroll loved it. And we had a lot of success with it. I was the hard-ass on the staff. Then I go to Ole Miss and I try it as head coach. You can’t do it as the head coach. You can’t coach the quarterback like I coached Warren Sapp. You can’t coach the wide receiver. But I did. And you can’t coach the staff like that. It’s just too hard.

BOBBY: How did you end up at Miami? COACH O: Miami had just won the championship and I was home, getting ready to go back to Arkansas. I called somebody in Arkansas to pick me up, and they said, ‘Don’t come, it’s snowing.’ So I’m sitting around and I think, let me call Bill Johnson. So I called Miami. Tommy Tuberville answered the phone, and I said, ‘May I



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