Mangia like a local! MONJUNI’S SALSA DI POMIDORO Smooth and naturally sweet pasta sauce from one of Baton Rouge’s best Italian restaurants. BLUE RUNNER Blue Runner’s distinctive blue and white labels harken back to the company’s original blue and white buildings on Burnside Avenue in Gonzales in 1918. Blue Runner makes canned beans, dried beans and bases that includes gumbo, jambalaya, étouffée and bisque. CHEF JOHN FOLSE John Folse is an F.O.R.—Friend of Rouses. We’ve worked with him for decades and are proud supporters of the John Folse Culinary Institute at Nicholls State University in our hometown of Thibodaux. His photo even hangs in our new stores. Look for his Cajun and Creole style complete meals, including gumbo, étouffée, jambalaya and shrimp Creole in our freezer case. DELIGHTFUL PALATE These vinaigrette-marinade-glazes come in three flavors: Balsamic Garlic Honey, Stone Fruit Nectar with natural peach and apricot, and Wild Mayhaw Berry, which has a hint of hot pepper seasoning. “Lili Courtney of Delightful Palate prefers to be called the ‘Queen of the Condiments.’ Her products are versatile and work well as dressings, glazes and marinades. They make a healthy meal more delicious.” —Esther, Rouses Registered Dietitian D’AGOSTINO PASTA COMPANY D’Agostino produces pasta made with 100% semolina durum wheat flour air-dried over rods in wooden cellars, just as it was done in Sicily for centuries, and delicately textured and flavorful pasta sauces made with old world techniques and family traditions. DRUSILLA’S SEAFOOD PRODUCTS Seasoned fish and oyster fry, blackened fish seasoning, remoulade sauce and the house dressing at Drusilla’s Seafood Restaurant. LOUISIANA FISH FRY Owned by the Pizzolato family, this company produces a line of 100 products, including #1 Fish Fry. The family started their company more than 30 years ago as an offshoot of the retail seafood operation, Tony’s Seafood.

Chef Peter Sclafani P eter Sclafani is a third generation chef and scion of one of Louisiana’s great restaurant families. He began his Baton Rouge cooking career at DiNardo’s Italian Restaurant. One year later, when Gerry DiNardo was replaced by Nick Saban as head coach of the LSU tigers, his restaurant was replaced by Ruffino’s, a concept from Sclafani, former LSU player Ruffin Rodrigue and legendary Baton Rouge restaurateur TJ Moran. Chef Sclafani’s grandfather, Peter Sr., operated Sclafani’s, a landmark Creole Italian restaurant, from 1945 to 1987. His family background is clearly evident in the Italian-Creole fusion menu at Ruffino’s Restaurant and Ruffino’s on the River in Lafayette, opened in 2013. Like the family chefs who came before (grandfather, father and uncle), Sclafani puts a lot of emphasis on the ingredients that go into the dishes served at his white tablecloth restaurants. “We don’t ever take our ingredients for granted,” he says. “We want to find out the story behind each one.” Evidence of his Creole and Italian cooking background is perhaps best represented in Ruffino’s signature dish: cedar plank redfish. While the traditional variant of this dish is made with salmon, redfish provides a way to introduce Louisiana flavor. Sclafani adds tomatoes that intensify in flavor as liquid evaporates in the oven, and tops the dish with a pesto and balsamic glaze to bring all of the elements together. Sclafani was named Baton Rouge’s Chef of the Year in 2004. He was also named “Restaurateur of the Year” by the Louisiana Restaurant Association for an unprecedented two consecutive years (2010, 2011).

HANLEY’S FOODS Hanley’s uses southern-style family recipes and authentic ingredients you can pronounce. Richard Hanley started with Sensation salad dressing and expanded to Avocado, Strawberry and Ranch. All of his dressings are natural, low carb and gluten free. “Rich and Kate Hanley created their line of dressings in Baton Rouge using few ingredients but still keeping big flavor. You’ll always find one of their bottles in my fridge.” —Esther, Rouses Registered Dietitian JAY DUCOTE’S LA BARBECUE SAUCE Baton Rouge food blogger and personality Jay Ducote’s small batch sweet and spicy sauce is made with tomatoes and a combination of flavors that can only be found in Louisiana — cane syrup and brown sugar, Louisiana seasoning blends, cayenne and smoked paprika. Ducote also has a molasses mustard. RUTH’S RECIPES Ruth’s Recipes was founded in the summer of 2013 by three sisters after receiving multiple requests to have their mother Ruth make her traditional hummus dish for family and friends. Ruth’s Hummus is made with simple ingredients like chickpeas, fresh lemons, garlic, tahini paste and extra virgin olive oil. “With only seven healthy ingredients, it has a dietitian’s stamp of approval.” —Esther, Rouses Registered Dietitian TIN ROOF BEER Tin Roof Brewing Company was started by two childhood friends with a passion for beer and a desire to create their own Southern, handcrafted brand. Tin Roof ’s selections include Blonde, Amber, Voodoo Bengal, an American-style pale ale, Turnrow Coriander, a spicy ale and Juke Joint, an India pale ale.


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